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Many professionals experience burnout at some point in their careers.
You can use this Bot to explore your risk of burnout, understand the pressures you are under, learn more about the symptoms and get directed to the right support.

Conversation starters
• Is burnout the same as being stressed?
• I'm under pressure. Please take me through a step-by-step process, asking one question at a time.
• Tell me about balance in life, and how to achieve it.
• Who should I talk to in confidence if I don't know where to turn?
• Please tell me more about ...
• You can chat to the Bot in Spanish/ Mandarin/ Arabic/ French etc.

Burnout Signs
• Constant fatigue: A major warning.
• Feeling detached: A sign of withdrawal.
• Doubting impact: Burnout's whisper.
• Aches and irritability: Body's red flag.

Combatting Burnout
1. Self-care: Essential - prioritise sleep, nutrition and activity.
2. Boundaries: Keep work and personal life separate.
3. Support: Sharing struggles helps heal. Don’t bottle feelings inside.
4. Rest: Prioritise your downtime. Be intentional.
5. Mindfulness: Cultivate a peaceful mind through meditation.
6. Goals: Focus on what's important. Really focus. What is important to you?
7. Saying no: Avoid overcommitting.
8. Breathe. Take a deep breath, it can reset you.
9. Are you safe? Often you’ll find you are. Perspective is easy to lose.

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